The very first step in your life will fate the rest of your life. Lithuanian police thinks that children are able to find better ways than the ones leading to the dark gateways.

Psychologists, social workers and police officers all around the world belief that seeking to prevent young people from the commitment of crimes, it is necessary to render all the possible help to them, instead of imprisoning them. Besides, imprisonment itself and rehabilitation after it cost much more then effective prevention.

On the 31st of January 2001 police established a unique youth club, which was registered at Vilnius City municipality. The main task of this club is early prevention of drug addiction and criminality by rendering social, psychological, material help and organizing leisure of children and young people. With this purpose a project “I CREATE MY FUTURE MYSELF” has been created and is being implemented now. The aim of it is to reduce negative influence of social environment on teenagers from socially supported and problematic families.

The founder of the club is Vilnius City Chief Police Commissariat.

The coordinator of the project is Tatjana Černiauskienė, senior specialist of Public Relations Subdivision of Organizational Division of Vilnius City Chief Police commissariat.

Romutė Kolesnikovienė, the president, manages the club.

In August 2001 an inauguration of the club took place.

Currently the club commands a good material base: in the repaired premises of 300 square meters there are training place, 2 gyms, kitchen – sitting room, music and art classes, administrative rooms of Day Center, 4 showers, 2 WC. Besides, we have 10 computers, copying machine and printer. In addition, we have needful items for various club activities, such as household electric appliances, video and audio apparatus, music instruments. About 160 teenagers are members of the club and prime pedagogues, leisure organizers, youngster affairs officers as well as students and volunteers work with them. There are clubs of young police supporters, informatics, English, contemporary, modern and extreme dances, music studio (classes of grand piano, guitar, vocal), art and design studio, sport section (table tennis, aerobics, wellness group, training area). Various celebrations, thematic shows and training seminars are often organized in the Youth club.

About 60 members of the club are children entered in to the risk records and preventive police lists as well as teenagers from problematic, socially supportable and large families, who have violated the law, have difficulties in attending the school or learning, do not work or study, have affective and behavior problems. Special attention is being paid to the correction of child behavior and to the solution of the problems, which determined such behavior. Such children attend our clubs for free or with discount of 50-70%. These youngsters have organized their own group and are resolved positively to change their way of life.


• Representation of interests of family members of children, who attend Day Center in the work places, schools, courts, institutions of health and social security and other institutions.

• Rendering of information, consultation, assistance concerning legal, psychological and pedagogical maters.

                      • Help on returning to school and overcoming learning difficulties.

                      • Leisure organization, variety of clubs.

                      • Physical training.

                      • Computer literacy training.

                      • Excursions, hikes, trips.

                      • Camps.

                      • Sectional and individual sessions (talks) on various topics.

                      • Public work for the good of community, locality and etc.

                      • Nourishment

                      • Visitation of families in their houses.

                      • Material support.

• Other, such as improvement of hygiene skills, assistance in employment or involvement in meaningful activities and positive groups.


Social assistance is aimed at rendering the most essential living conditions for families, the earnings of which, due to the objective but non-dependable on them reasons, are insufficient to earn for the living. Therefore, it is vital to reinforce activity of people and their responsibility for themselves and their families.

  • to provide legal, social, psychological and financial assistance (support) to the youngsters being at risk and to those having suffered from violence and exploitation;
  • to stimulate the young people to more energetically tackle their problems with the aid of developing mutual assistance and cooperation;
  • to shape a network with the objective of successfully reintegrating delinquent youngsters into the community;
  • to infuse the human resources of the society aiming at crime prevention of marginal youngster groups;
  • to search for the legal acts concerning the employment of teenagers and young people, to discuss over the relevant gaps and possible problem solving measures;
  • to create and develop the system of minimum and average care for problematic and socially aided youngsters, and, moreover, the system which would also satisfy the society need for safety;
  • to pursue the drug and alcohol prevention integrating the young people into the educative activities and explaining about the harm of toxic substances;
  • to enable one to regain the ability to take care of oneself and reintegrate into the society and, in case of incapacity to achieve this, to provide the living conditions of no infra dig nature;
  • to perform educative and elucidative function seeking to evade the exposure of possible social problems through the arrangement of free of charge occupation forms for youngsters (club activities, common group work, walking-tours, summer camps, employment) or pursuit of decrease in the criminality among youngsters and use of drugs;
  • to elaborate the network of services and measures; to enable the young people live a healthy way of life while taking into consideration their emotional and social needs; to render psychological help to youngsters with problems;
  • to eliminate the social marginality of children and to provide them with social integrative possibilities; to create favourable environment for the development of conscious personality;
  • to mobilise the community; for the benefit of a region, to pursue the friendly, understanding and tolerance based relationship between young people;
  • to promote dialogue and partnership between every public and private institution, to cooperate with international and national non-governmental organisations;
  • to improve the quality of Youth club activities considering the needs of society (surveys, questionnaires);
  • to improve the financial position of the club, the status of the premises and to seek for more effective use of them.