Open youth center "BAZĖ", 2016 May

May was really intensive month, full of interesting activities...

Thanks to Zalgiris F.C. we had again the change to watch their football match live at stadium and this time, for two times, we enjoyed really great match and we felt as a “lucky amulet” for them because, as against Utenis as against Atlantas, Zalgiris played good and they won both matches (2-0 and 1-0). For us it is really nice to be there and watch our favourite football player playing just few meter close to us, showing our passion for the team and for the sport,  supporting and living the emotions that a stadium can give to you during a football match are incredible. Enjoying the match for us it means supporting our team, singing for them, clapping for them when they deserve it and suffering with them when the opponent team seems in a better moment of the match. All of this is making our experience unique every time. Some of us is so fan of Zalgiris that sometimes, instead of being in a really good place where to have a good view of the game, would like to be in the supporter corner where the heart of supporter is.

Cyprian, a Nigerian student from MRU University, wanted to finish his traineeship organising an event name “Africa week”: one week long event related to Africa to improve our awareness about his continent, sharing to us more information about different topic.
The 1st day he made a power point presentation about Africa with a particular focus on Nigeria talking about history and traditions. We were really interested on it what we asked more question related to the topic and the presentation turned from frontal lesson to interactive because all of us was looking for new info according to our interests.  The 2nd day we had a workshop focus in Nigerian traditional mask: first part was listening and learning about it and in a second moment we made our own African masks with recycling material. The 3rd day we were involved in cooking workshop. We prepare one of the most typical Nigerian recipe: rice with vegetables and eggs. The 4th day we were focus on African arts and we made several drawings of African landscape, using different technics, after we watch short clips and a lot of images. The 5th and last day was the most interactive one because we learnt how to dance traditional African songs.

Indre, who is one of the youth worker from Baze, is also one coordinator of Vilnius “Youth Guarantee program” and she was involved in an event about youth unemployment. Also us, we were invited to join it because one of the main aim of the event is not only to discuss about unemployment but is to discover all the possibilities that “youth Guarantee” can provide for some of us who doesn’t neither work neither studying and some other possibilities for everyone as volounteering. The meeting was implemented in Open youth center MES.

Baze workers team got a new member. From 16th of May Francesco from Italy is working with us. Two years ago, during his European Volunteering Service he worked in Kaunas one year as youth worker in Open Youth Centre Vartai in Kaunas. After he came back home from Lithuania he finished his Master in Project management and empowerment of local communities and then thanks to “Youth Guarantee program” he is now doing his internship with us in Baze until September.

Sport is one of the most activities that we love to do in Baze. Spring let us to spend more and more time out so we decided to join a football match between us and a police team made from policemen and policewomen who work in our district. Even if we lost 10-7, we had a lot of fun and after the match we got from police a diploma and a keyring. Baze is really connected with other realities from our neighbourhood and we feel proud to involve and be involved in activities that let us to feel part of Justininkius community.

Raining day, what to do?! Movie !!
We watched “Bang Bang you are dead”. The movie show the story of Trevor Adams. At Rivervale High School, he is a bullied outcast trying to fit back in after a false bomb threat he made a few months ago. Trevor is chosen to star in a play called Bang Bang You're Dead as the main character, Josh. After parents and the community hear of the play and its lead actor, they call for it to be cancelled. Actually most of us didn’t know this movie but it was interesting to watch something different than the same commercial movies.

Even if summer time is about to come next time when it will be a raining day we really would like to watch something else because was really cosy atmosphere and with popcorn movies are tastier.

Usually here we used to cook Lithuanian food, once we tried Nigerian one but also Betty, Austrian EVS volunteer from the day care centre was so nice to share to us one of the most traditional food from her Country: Kaiserschmarrn. We prepared some kind of pancakes and taste was delicious. Could be nice to have more cooking session or some kind of cooking workshop at least once in a week.